CJRPC Knockdown Steel Is Back In Business

The Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club’s knockdown steel match is back in business and the first of the new matches will be on Saturday July 25th, 2020. All willing participants should sign on to www.steelscoring.com. The upcoming matches will be listed. You can register up to two firearms and squad for the upcoming match. Payment is made at the match. The fee is $10/gun for CJRPC active members and $20/gun for non-members. Registration starts at 8:15 sharp. No person will be allowed to register for this match past 8:40 AM. The match review will happen at 8:45 and the match will begin at 9:00 AM. It is our intention to start these matches on-time so please get there early. Every person in each squad is expected to help with the match by setting up targets, painting, scoring and/or taking a turn at being an RO. Everyone registered for the match is here to have a good time and nobody is privileged. For those that like to sit in their chairs and be called up to shoot, and do nothing else. please stay home.

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