CJRPC Knockdown Steel’s First Match Under New Management

The Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club Knockdown Steel match match under new management was held today. For four days of planning and work it went off without a hitch. A big thank you to all the CJRPC members that came out super early to help setup the stages. We have a lot of work to do to get this match where it should be but today was a great start. The entire match was done by 12:30 including breakdown. We started within minutes of our predicted start time and there was no half hour long prelude to shooting. This match will be a great match and we are going to continue to refine it to be everyone’s favorite. In August we expect to change it again to be more shooter friendly and to become more in line with PSA Shootout. These are great knockdown matches. In August we will bring larger steel into the mix, closer and faster, and no movement. The objective is to get everyone out there to shoot this match. Stay tuned for more information.

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