January 2021 Knockdown Match Is Open

Knockdown steel open for registration, steelscoring.com. Members, non-members and guests allowed to sign up.

At this time the Board Of Directors has determined that the matches should be for Members Only, but they are revisiting this ruling at the January Board Meeting on the 13th. The ruling is likely to change at that time so non-members should definitely sign up early. If the ruling on non-members doesn’t change on January 13th you will be removed from the match if you do not have your CJRPC member number in your Steelscoring.com profile. For those who never setup your profile, log on to Steelscoring.com and under your profile choose the CJRPC knockdown steel match and put in your member number. Save your profile. If you don’t setup your member number in your profile and you are a member show up anyway, we will check badges at the match.

See everyone on the 16th

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