CJRPC Knockdown Steel Upgrading Steel For More Fun

The BOD at their meeting on 1/14/2021 showed outstanding support for the CJRPC Knockdown Steel match by approving funds to purchase some new steel. We are looking to replace some of the “not so fun” and broken steel with some new steel to elevate our matches to a new level. See the pictures, these are the items that the BOD have approved for purchase. They include a new double Texas star, a polish plate rack, a propeller spinning rack and a double falling dueling tree. Many like our single falling tree so we are doubling the fun. Stay tuned for updates on their delivery.

*** Latest update, the CJRPC Treasurer has informed me that all the steel we have requested has been ordered and will be delivered to the club. Looks like our February match will be very different.

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