Steve Bivens is running for an open board position. We need a pistol shooter on the Board. I would think everyone knows Steve he is the Match Director for USPSA and Assistant MD for Sunday Steel and Members steel. He works hard for all of us shooters to have great matches. There are other people running so this is really important to do this if at all possible, plus if you do 4 calls or meetings you get a discount on membership. I think $50. To vote you need to be a member for at least 1 year, but any member can get on the call.

We all need to give him our support and vote.The voting will be March 3rd at 7pm on a Zoom meeting. You need to do two very important but very easy tasks before you can get into the Zoom call to vote. You need to make sure you can get into the members only section of the website, If you don’t know your username or password there is a link to change your password, use that link to change your password (you will get an email) then use the link the club sends you to change your password, your username will come up after changing your password saying your password has been changed. You can then setup a zoom account and you will be ready for the call. There is a section in the latest newsletter that gives you links to the call and a brief explanation on how to join the call also.

If anyone has any problems doing any of the steps above you can email or call me and I will walk you through the issues. This can also be done from a cell phone you just need to download the app.

(Below is cut from the CJ webpage)
Do this ahead of time:

Go to (you can also download the zoom app from the app store)
Enter your email and password
Check your email for a Zoom confirmation and activate your account.

Just before each meeting:

Click on the meeting link (to be provided below) to register for the CJRPC Members Only General Membership Meeting. On the registration page that comes up, you will be asked for your member ID, name, and other identifying information. Please be careful that you’re putting in accurate info, especially your badge number. This is so we can ensure that if you vote, we can validate that it is you, and will also be used to count your meeting credit .Each member MUST register individually to be counted and to vote. (Your info is kept private, no worries there).

Lets get Steve on the Board
Doug Turner

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