First Match of 2022, Central Jersey Knockdown Steel

The first match of 2022 for Jersey Central Knockdown Steel is Saturday March 19, 2022. This match is open to the public. This is a center fire match. Each stage consists of approximately 25 knockdown steel plates in various challenging configurations. Reloading is mandatory so you will need several 10 round magazines for each stage. You can only load 10 rounds in the firearm total, not 10 in the magazine and one in the chamber. The rules are simple, shoot until you knockdown all the plates or you run out of magazines. Speed counts.

Depending on the turnout we may again do a Man Vs. Man match in one of the pits. This match is voluntary and will cost $3 to join. All the names go in a hat and throughout the morning we will draw names from the hat and you will shoot against another competitor on a dueling tree. The last man standing takes the prize, all the money from the Man Vs. Man entry fee.

Setup begins at 0700. It’s not mandatory that you help but it is appreciated if you can.

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