The Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club knockdown steel match has changed management and is back on-line. The new match starts Saturday July 25th. 2020. Your match directors are:

George Ascione, John Johnston, and Matt Newkirk.

We hope to bring this match to a new level of fun. This match will now include up to six stages (attendance dependent) of knockdown steel fun. Some noteworthy changes are:

  • The match will be limited to center fire pistols and revolver’s and pistol caliber carbines only. No .22’s or shotguns will be allowed.
  • The match will no longer have “bonus” points (negative time targets). You shoot the plates down as fast as you can. All plates must fall so leave your weak loads at home.
  • We intend to get the match started on-time and will be encouraging each stage to move along.
  • All results will be promptly posted to steelscoring.com.
  • The briefing will never take longer than it does to shoot the match.
  • This is a fun and friendly match and everyone that comes is expected to do their part to help speed the stages along. There is nothing more annoying than watching somebody sit in their chair until it’s their time to shoot, shoot then go back and sit down. We do not intend to register people that believe they are at the match so everyone else can work for them. Everyone will be asked to participate and speed along the match or the match directors will “politely” ask people to leave and not come back until they loose their privileged attitude.