Range and Match Rules

CJRPC General Range Rules

  • All firearms must be unloaded and made safe except while on the firing line. This rule includes holstered
    guns. The only exception being officers (law enforcement) and persons with a valid permit to carry.
  • Organized shooting events will be conducted under the supervision of a formally designated range officer.
  • A group doing informal shooting on any range shall select an informal range officer or one shall self-assume
  • Keep the muzzles of all firearms on the firing line pointed down range.
  • Keep the muzzles of all firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times off the firing line.
  • Loaded firearms shall not be elevated above the top of the backstop and any loaded firearm, or one containing
    live ammunition, shall not be left unattended.
  • Only safe firearms and ammunition are permitted.
  • All shooters will cease fire upon command and unload all firearms immediately.
  • Anyone observing an unsafe condition on the firing line is obliged to give the “Cease Fire” command
  • The firing line will be made safe (unload all firearms, actions open, clips or magazines removed, tubular
    magazines emptied) before anyone goes past the firing line. It is the formal or informal range officer’s duty to
    ensure compliance.
  • Alcoholic beverages or the use of impairing drugs on club property IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Use of
    Club facilities while impaired is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Eye protection and ear protection are required for all shooters and observers.
  • Unexpended ammunition is not to be left on club property.
  • The High Power (300 Meter), General Purpose, Multi-Purpose (Pits) and Pistol Ranges require that all
    firearms be brought to, and removed from, the firing line cased or boxed.

Knockdown Match Rules

  • The match is currently open to the public.
  • The cost of the match is $5/gun for CJRPC members and $15/gun for non-members.
  • You can shoot a maximum of two firearms at this match.
  • You cannot shoot .22’s or shotgun’s in this match.
  • We highly recommend you register to shoot this match on “Steelscoring.com”. This match is posted on steelscoring.com approximately two weeks before the match. You can sign up and squad on-line. This will speed up the registration process.
  • Accidential discharges, dangerous gun handling or other such infractions will be treated as a disqualification. If you are DQ’d at the match you are required to safey your firearms, pack up and leave the range. All DQ’s must be reported to the one of the match directors.
  • All shooting is at the direction of the RO while on the firing line. Any failure to abide by the commands of the RO will result in you being DQ’d. 
  • All plates must fall. If there is an equipment malfunction find one of the match director’s to remedy the issue. Hitting the plates is not enough, you must knock down the plate. For those that shoot very light load’s you will either need to hit the plates closer to the top, or shoot a heavier load.
  • All reasonable social distancing shall be observed. 
  • Your firearm shall not exceed 10 rounds when starting to shoot. It is not 10 + 1, 10 rounds maximum. You cannot exceed the 10 round magazine limit on CJRPC property regardless if you are LEO or not. Leave your high capacity magazines at home, they won’t do any good for this match since 10 rounds is the limit.
  • Your firearm must be legal in the state of New Jersey.